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office worker (8 hours)


feeding ducks, gulls, pigeons and swans

bar (6 hours)

living room (12 hours)

two goldfish in a bowl (8 hours)

dancing to Aphex Twin


flamingos in a zoo


 I found a way to hold experience for scrutiny in a still picture. Thousands of photos for each kind of experience were captured for single resulting image. These photographs were taken in succession at intervals based on the experience. And single-pixel-width strips from each photo taken chronologically for the experience, and these strips combined all of the photos representing that experience starting from one side of photograph to the other side in a sequential order. Each element is from a moment. The moments are gathered to represent the duration of experience. These unrecognisably small, indivisibly-sized and intermittent elements are lined up in singular pictures to show experiences, which gather a span of space in flowing time, impossible to see with human eyes.