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untitled - shore

untitled - following No.2

day of city walking

oblivious walk

monadic swim

germ of teh future web as teleportable user-generated city


From tracking the path of walking in London as the project 'Path'. I moved on to track virtual worlds in computer games. Employing the same technique as path (described below), but camera facing the monitor, the man-made world on the screen goes through the same way of looking as reality.

Production method: 3,008 photos taken at approximately one second intervals while walking streets, roads and various paths
as the in-game character in computer games such as Grand Theft Auto 3 and 4, Oblivion, Rez, Second Life and The Endless Forest.  The camera is shooting the screen, where the character's back is facing the player. Single-pixel width vertical strip cut and joined sequentially from left to right using each photo of 3,008 shots to form a 3,008 pixel by 2000 pixel, the dimension of one digital photograph of the camera used in making the series, digital image.