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The Wild Bunch (timing shots)

Title: The Wild Bunch (timing shots)

Year: 2010

Medium: Video

Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes

Each shot of the whole film of The Wild Bunch (Dir. Sam Peckinpah), known for its hectic action sequence editing, which set a precedent for all of the dynamic action scenes in films that followed it, is timed using a burnt-in timecode displayed on top of the video. This is used in video production houses for checking the timing of videos. In this work, only the timecode remains without the actual video content behind the timecode.

The burnt-in timecode, matched to the duration of the shots before it switches to the next shot in the film, makes the decisions of the film editor visible, which is geared toward putting the viewer in a certain state of mind.

As Stanley Kubrick asserted, “editing is the only unique aspect of filmmaking which does not resemble any other art form.” ( p. 52, Stanley Kubrick Directs, 1972)

All images and sounds from the original film, The Wild Bunch, are left out. Only the decision for the editing timing of the director and editor of The Wild Bunch remains. This is the duration of shots represented in a conventional timecode scheme. Timecode is the proof of existence of the “unique aspect of filmmaking” in its barebone form, eliminating the residue from other art forms.